This is my second effort at timelapse using the GoPro Hero. This time, we shot at night, again using the GoPro suction cup on the inside of the windshield.

Although I was happy with the overall pace of the footage, one problem is clear. No matter how many times we cleaned it, there was a harsh glare coming from the outside lights through the windshield. You can actually see all of the pings and imperfections in the glass which are not noticeable during the day.

Another issue is due to shooting in Houston and that's the humidity. When it's hot and muggy outside, your front windshield will tend to fog even if your running the defroster making shooting from the inside highly problematic.

Even though the GoPro Suction Cup is awesome and has never failed, I'm a bit nervious at the aspect of putting my GoPro Hero on the outside of the car. So I'm going to have to find an additional way to secure it beyond the suction cup.

Cut in Adobe Premiere CS5.5
Color Graded using RedGiant Colorista
Music by: The Crystal Method

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