Episode 1: From Frieze Art Fair, This is LuckyPDF TV Thursday 13th October 4pm - 5pm GMT

Presented by Paul Pieroni [paulpieroni.blogspot.com/]


Hannah Perry [hannahperry.com/]
Dan Szor (with Rael Stone) [danszor.com/ | raelstone.tumblr.com/ ]
Cory Arcangel [coryarcangel.com/]
Jimmy Merris (with Boyle and Shaw) [economicdownturn.org.uk/ | boyleandshaw.co.uk/ ]
Paul Simon Richards [vimeo.com/user5709556 / paulsimonrichards.blogspot.com/]
Martin Kohout [martinkohout.com/]
Petra Cortright [petracortright.com/]

Music: Bo Ningen [myspace.com/boningen]
Titles by Daniel Swan [danielswan.co.uk/]
Set Designed by Ollie Hogan + Hannah Perry
Produced and by LuckyPDF [luckypdf.com/]

1st AD: James Early

Camera: Gary McQuiggin, Oscar Oldershaw, Alex Ressel, Ed Parsons

Stills: Tom Saunderson

Desk: John Hill, Yuri Pattison, Tom Sedgwick, Alex Ressel, Rob Prouse, Takeshi Shiomitsu

Sound Assistant: Felix Nash

Art Director: Ollie Hogan
Art Assistants: Sophie Nathan: Anna Reading

Production Manager: Daisy Hogan
2nd AD: Maria Kolchina
Site Manager: Edel O’Reilly

Offline Editors: Ed Parsons, Ian Giles, Lucy Stokton

Web Developer: Ben Vickers

Electrician: James Mayo

Drummer for Hannah Perry: Pete Morrow

Jimmy Merris w/Boyle and Shaw assisted by Elea Himmelsbach

Actor: Malachy Orozco

Paul Simon Richards with Tiny Iron (Andrew Harrison) and Charlie Rage
Announcer: Ron Corvette – Robert O’Neil
Assisted by Claire Hooper and Dave Charlesworth

Performer for Daniel Swan: Soju Tanaka assisted by Yoshimi Mita

Performers for Martin Kohout: Tessa Williams and Melanie Williams

Bo Ningen are Taigen Kawabe, Kohhei Matsuda, Yuki Tsujii and Monchan Monna
Music releases out on Stolen Recordings

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