The beginning of this video shows the 2nd installation illuminated by the room lights. This is to give you a better understanding as to why the images appear to be distorted. The artist had a better point of view as I regretfully chose to capture from this angle (which wasn't as flattering). Thanks to Deborah Martin @ SAC for inviting me back to The Spring Arts Gallery & to all the brave random artists who shared their creativity.


An interactive installation inviting the audience to draw with light through the use of projections & LEDs.

In the latest instance of Follow the Light, the artist will use an LED spray can invented by Hearsee. The tool applies light over transparent material creating the desired image. In a addition to the spray can, a projected background will inspire the artist to create around changing backdrops. Finally, a separate installation will be setup with angled scrims in a 10ft x 20ft work area. This will create an altered illustration from the artist point of view.

As with the prior instance of Follow the Light, parameters such as brush style, size, color & drip amount can be adjusted. The process is accomplished through the use of a hacked version of GRLs Laser Tag. This program captures light through a video camera source, then translates the data to projection.

Music: Schizm by Kid.W.I.K.

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