Charities lack the funds they need to achieve the social impact they and we are so passionate about, and which our country needs.

People want to do good, but have a lack of trust in charities and feel that they can't afford to make a difference.

This 3 minute video takes you through Maker, a new donations website and mobile app, which will make giving more trustworthy and affordable. People will be able to see where their money is going and donate anything from £1/month with their friends towards a charitable project to help it reach its fundraising goal. They are then welcomed into the world of the project and receive updates on progress and the stories of the beneficiaries affected.

Founder: Matt Kepple
Contacts:; skype: mattkepple

Want to know more?

Maker lets people be part of something good. It is a charitable projects crowd-funding website and mobile app targeting the mainstream through partnerships, Facebook integration, university reps and charities’ press officers & lapsed donor databases.

Maker’s innovation is its unique monthly donation approach to crowd-funding. Instead of asking people to make a one-off donation to crowd-fund a charitable project as the likes of, and do, Maker invites people to give £1/month towards a project and invite a handful of their friends to contribute £1/month towards the project with them until the project reaches its fundraising goal. Once the goal is reached each person’s donation to the project stops and is moved to another project of their choice or stopped altogether. Donors then receive shareable and comment-friendly tweets, pictures, videos and blog posts updating them on the project’s progress at a frequency they control.

Charitable projects range from sending a family with a terminally ill child on a respite break, to building a school. Each project is run by a registered UK charity.

The £1 price point and non-committal giving model give Maker access to a much broader spectrum of people than conventional crowd-funding platforms. This is evidenced by our market research surveying over 100 people and our positive press coverage in The Daily Mail and Evening Standard. Maker’s ‘instant affordability’ enables social giving; it gives donors the confidence to expectantly ask their friends to donate with them, and convinces the friends that their contributions will be negligible.

Donors’ profiles on Maker have badges showing the social change they have made.

Groups, e.g. work colleagues, can use Maker’s Nominate-Vote-Donate function to choose which projects to support as a group.

Maker’s University Leagues score universities and student groups according to the badges and social change they have accumulated.

All projects on Maker have an initial token donation made by the parent charity. This is to overcome any giving inertia that could stem from the initial donors feeling that they were donating to a project that had no other support and potentially less likelihood of being funded.

Maker puts a twist on the raise-it-in-60-days-or-less mechanic used in successful non-charitable crowd-funding platforms like Maker gives donors a quick sense of fundraising accomplishment by ensuring each project is funded within 2-3 months; achieved by restricting the availability of projects according to the number of current users and forthcoming marketing activities.

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