Inspired by the other large shootout of high end expensive cameras, my buddy Kyle Bush and I decided it was time to do some real world head-to-head with cameras from the streets.

We grabbed cameras we had access to and took them out. We attempted to be as scientific as possible, but there are quirks. Lots of quirks. For example:

The GoPro has no manual exposure. Or Focus. Or White Balance. Or a monitoring screen (sans lcd bacpac) It just...shoots. So.... it has almost nothing in common with the other cameras other than it shoots in 1080 (and at 30fps at that!) In all honesty, we just wanted to throw it in the test
The EX1R does not have a removable lens
The sensors are all different sizes
Picture Profiles were wildly varied (and also N/A...GoPro...)
The "science" of this test is a long shot. So we chucked it. We kept the exposure, frame rates, composition, and focus as similar as possible and threw out the rest. This is the real world, we wanted to see the real results in real time. For real.

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