Stevo Chang

Available for purchase at indieflix.com/film/fields-of-mudan-4596/
(all proceeds benefit non-profit organizations battling child sex slavery and human trafficking)

SYNOPSIS: When Mudan, a frightened, young girl, is forced into modern day child sex slavery, the only solace she finds is in the memory of her Mother and the promise that one day, she will find her way to America: the place where dreams come true. Through her friendship with an unexpected brothel girl, Faye, Mudan finds the courage to live her life as innocent, ordinary little girl. But even the bonds of friendship cannot stop the bleak future that awaits them as her time of innocence runs out.

Shot on and finished on 35mm film.

AWARDS: 2006 Academy Awards Finalist, Amnesty International Award, Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival Best Emerging Director...


Nicole Nishimoto
Shannon Lu
Nikki Soohoo
Jane Park Smith
Lawrence Sykkmon


Producer: Courtney T. Powell
Co-Producer: Marty Lang
Associate Producer: Susan Bell
Director of Photography: Sun-kyu Park
Editor: D.R. Ceballos
Production Designer: Mike Wagner
Composer:Matt Mariano

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