A seasoned social entrepreneur, Ashkon Jafari has been working to make the world a better place for only a few years, but in that short period of time, he’s found great success. His newest venture, StudentMentor, helps to pair mentors with college students and he’s burning to talk about his experience in setting up this nonprofit organization. In this interview with Ashkon, you’ll hear his thoughts on:

* How to avoid bouncing from major to major or job to job by working with a mentor
* How to select the perfect, outstanding mentor in your field
* How long it takes to get a social enterprise off the ground
* How to select people to sit on your board of directors
* How many organizations you need to approach before you find sponsors and funders
* How to develop a pitch for attracting smart people and money to your social enterprise idea
* Whether pay-per-click advertising like AdWords works to attract new members
* Using social medial and other advertising mediums to spread the word
* How to engage students to help with projects in exchange for mentoring guidance

You’ll also get to garner his wisdom on setting up a 501CS in the US, how to attract volunteers, and how to get funders for your project.

Read the full post here: t.co/cHuOpyj1

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