Directed/Filmed/Edited by: Mark Valino
Produced by: Giles Monette
Interview by: Greg Drakes

All Music Produced by: Lunice

Follow Lunice on Twitter here:!/Lunice

The Redbull Culture Clash is a Four Way DJ sound battle royale, consisting for four complete sound styles battling it out for audible top supremecy.

This years event was held in conjunction with Manifesto Community, Arts, and Culture's 11 day mega festival and hosted at the Molson Ampitheatre. Each crew was broken down into 4 individual "Sound Systems" consisting of multiple dj's/producers.

Soundsytem 1 : Afrika Bambataa & The Zulu Nation
Soundsystem 2 : Mad Decent (South Rakkas Crew, Dillon Francis, Paul Devro, and DJ Sega)
Soundsystem 3: Toronto All-Stars (Lissa Monet, DJ Mensa, Lindo P, and Starting from Skratch)
Soundsystem 4 : Lucky Me (Rustie, Lunice, Hudson Mohawke, and Just Blaze)

The battle was broken up into 3 rounds where each squad represents their sound and in the end the listening public decides which sound is ultimately the kind Sound System.

Redbull Culture Clash is international visiting such cities as Toronto, Detroit, New York,London,Berlin, Paris,Cape Town, and Melbourne. It was truly and honor to take part in this electric international event.

Valino's log:
This shoot was part of a multiple shoot day during the Manifesto Festival. I had arrived late to the Red Bull Culture Clash because of it and missed most of the media time. I wasn't worried at all that we could find a great story with little stress. Also Greg Drakes had let me know earlier that 2 of his camera guys bailed on him and he had media time through LiveAGL so I thought about working that into a story and collaborating projects. I told Drakes that I would help if i could Giles easily scooped up Lunice in-between sets. Meeting Lunice was awesome. He was a really relaxed really cool dude, and funny. I liked the angle Drakes took with the interview and I learned about alot about him as a person and an artist which is what I look for in my interviews as a storyteller and an artist. He was also great enough to send us the "One Hunned" album to use for the soundtrack to this video. What I liked most about this shoot was how it was a complete team effort to pull this together and I wanted to include that into the actual story. I hope I get a chance to work more personally with Lunice on some video projects in the future. I think we could do some serious damage...

Follow me on Twitter here:!/MarkValino

Greg Drakes' Log:
This was an interesting shoot. I had gotten to the venue to conduct some interviews, and was faced with several road blocks. The inital camera crew I was supposed to be rolling with went MIA on me. Within minutes of me wanting to pull my non existent hair out, I had gotten the call of a century from Mark Valino asking me how my interviews were going. With exasperated haste and frustration, I had expressed my canundrum with Valino and within minutes told me he was on his way.

The initial arrangement between the Red Bull publicist and myself was for me to start my interviews at 3pm. I was running late and had haggled with the cabbie to get me there for $50 instead of $75. Luckily for me, I was informed that the interviews would be pushed back to 8pm. After 2 hours of trying to reach my camera crew, I was certain that ANY interview would be a bust.

Remembering that Valino had earlier mentioned that he was on his way, I arranged to have interviews with Just Blaze, Kardinal Offishall, and Lunice. Not surprisingly, given the type of industry this is, another road block had thrown me for a loop. It so happened that Valino was on his way with Che Kothari (Director of The Manifesto Festival, and co-promoter/host for the event) but he would now be late a few hours because he was on his way to pick up hip-hop legend Afrika Bambaataa (one of the Culture Clash headliners) from Toronto Pearson International airport. I inevitably had to bump my interview times again and thought any chance of any interview at this point was pretty much slim to none.

At this point, my good friend (and mentor) Giles Monette had told me that if there were to be any interviews done, we would have to guerrilla it ourselves and stop the artists in between sets. Still fairly new to the game, my courage was depleting, but before I could even blink an eye, Giles was having a one on one conversation with Lunice and was able to secure a few minutes of interview time with the powerhouse producer/dj.

Honestly, Lunice was cool as hell. He was very cordial and we engaged in some real dope off camera convos. One thing that stood out the most for me was his overall passion for music. Afer the craziness of me chassing artists backstage, and the inevitable stress that was showed on my face, Lunice's overall happy demanor and chilled attitude lead to a very relaxed and natural feeling interview.

Follow Greg Drakes here:!/geedrakes

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