Short 2 min coursework video documentary for uni in which I experiment with trying to speak the language Vertov aspires to create in his 1929 film "Man With A Movie Camera".

Inspired by the works of Dziga Vertov, Peter Greenaway, Godfrey Reggio and the writings and scholarship of Lev Manovich.

Shot on Canon 550D using 50mm F1.8 and Technicolor Cinestyle at 1080p.

Edited and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 using Red Giant's LUT Buddy and the Technicolor Cinestlye LUT. Exported at 720p.

Music is an original work by myself and performed on a 20 year-old strat copy which is currently missing the high E string.

I used a Zoom 707 II effects unit and recorded the two guitar parts into Goldwave 4.2.6 then imported them for final work into Pro Tools 8 LE.

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