Transcendence is really a super visual coin across or coin magic that takes place within the spectators open hand without any cover. That's right! No cover, the additional coin just pops into view without any explanation where it originated from! It has to be seen with your eyes to be believed!

A coin is put on the open hand of your spectator and another coin can be used to show the truth that the coin can jump down and up through the spectator's other hand. Having shown this the coin is vanished and it visually reappears in your spectator's hand which is holding the initial coin.

It has been a holy grail of coin magic for many years, to actually have a coin visually appear without any cover on a spectator's hand and magician Leon Deo Scott has created a remedy that's not only amazingly visual, simple to do and easy to create but resets instantly and may be done again in a moments notice time.

Transcedence transcends the obstacles of standard coin magic, regardless if you are an operating professional or even an amateur you will discover yourself not just having extreme fun performing this effect but you will see it really stuns people into mouth gaping silence as it looks like pure magic. Naturally if you really can make a coin bounce from one hand to the other wouldn't you do it without any cover and then in full view?

Coin Magic. It is extremely rare an effect gets here which is excellent for street magic, up close work, the working professional yet still be visually spectacular enough being on a TV special but Transcendence clicks all these boxes plus more. It isn't just restricted to a coin across routinebut could be utilized in numerous other routines, for example coins through table.Think of the impact when you utilized an M5 kit or Raven using the Transcendence system the result is going to be simply awesome!

Leon Deo Scott coin magic is amazing.

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Note: I am an affiliate for the company that produces this magic trick. I have authorization to use this video trailer to show magic performances as long as the secret is not revealed in the video. All traffic will end up to the affiliate company from enduser.

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