Big thanks to Gillette, directors TWiN (Jonathan and Josh Baker), & Framestore for turning my world 'Upside Down.'

From Framestore:

"The latest Gillette spot shows the world literally turning upside down. As our hero makes his way to the bathroom to shave, his entire apartment does a "180" leaving him walking on the ceiling.  The directing duo TWiN (Rabbit) wanted to create the whole rotating set practically.

Using the set design references, Framestore used CGI to previsualize his path through the apartment, working out what would sell the sense of gravity changing.

The bedroom and living area rooms were then built on giant Gimbals in a huge studio in deepest Brooklyn - replicating the technique Chris Nolan used during the hotel scene in Inception. The living room could rotate a full 360 degrees, so everything on set was 'locked' down so nothing would tumble away during a take.  A third room , a completely upside down bathroom, was also built. In the final spot all these rooms are connected, so Framestore used a stills camera on set to digitally combine all the rooms into one seamless walk-through apartment.

One of the biggest challenges facing the team was creating the view out of the apartment windows.

The spot was supervised by Framestore Creative Director Murray Butler: "To help create a realistic sense of daylight coming through the windows, we didn't go for Green Screen and opted instead to let the DP put lights where he wanted, and in some places we had white scrim, in others full lighting rigs. It meant that we had some more clean up work and roto to do than normal, but the end result looked much more realistic. We discussed the demographic of our main character to ascertain what kind of neighborhood he'd be in. It just so happened the view from the Framestore roof was exactly what we needed, so we shot stills on the 5D and stripped that in the windows. It's nice to have our office view featured on TV so heavily!"

On Flame, David Munoz brought all the elements together, tracking the city stills into complex hand-held shots. He added reflections and subtle light effects to bed the exterior scenes into the plates. He also added subtle rotations to certain shots to help sell the sense of movement and gravity changing throughout the spot. He also makes a killer cup of tea. To complete the illusion Framestore tracked in a CGI brick texture on the exterior of the building as it turns.

Another challenge was to make the CG product and demo sequence as integrated as possible to the live action. The goal was to use photo-realism and a far less 'techie' look.

James Razzall (EP) said 'It was great teaming up with BBDO and our friends TWiN to make this spot. It really shows what BBDO/Gillette are doing to take the brand to the next level'."

Credits Include:

ASSOCIATE CREATIVES Tim Wettstein, Patrick Herold
DIRECTOR TWiN @ Rabbit Content
EDITORIAL Catherine Gionfriddo @ Crew Cuts

VFX Framestore
3D LEAD Neil Weatherly
ANIMATION John Wilson, Tommy Taylor
LIGHTING/VFX Milton Ramirez, Jina Lee, Michitaka Inoue
LEAD FLAME David Munoz Forcada
FLAME Maryanne Butler, Tom Leckie, Tri Do
PAINT AND ROTO Sabrina Tenore, Jihyae Ham, Jim McKenzie

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