One of a series of special sequences created by Imaginary Forces for the film Magic Trip. Computers are great and all, but there is nothing quite like getting your hands dirty making things for real. The bus was shot stationary in a parking lot, with all the movement added in post.

Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces
IF Creative Director: Karin Fong
IF Art Director: Jeremy Cox
IF Executive Producer: Anita Olan
IF Producer: Cara McKenney
IF Designers: Karin Fong, Jeremy Cox, Daniel Farah, Joey Salim, Theodore Daley, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Eve Weinberg
IF Animators: Jeremy Cox, Daniel Farah, Joey Salim, Theodore Daley, Leo Marthaler
IF Design Assistant: Andy Chung
IF Design Intern: Alex Huang
IF Editor: Adam Spreng
IF Camera Operator: Wesley Carrier
IF Coordinator: Kacie Barton

Production Company: Jigsaw Productions
Feature Documentary Director: Alex Gibney / Alison Ellwood
Producer: Alexandra Johnes
Post Production Supervisor: Samara Levenstein
Editor: Alison Ellwood

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