this is a small teaser of one of my upcoming songs. most of my unfinished tracks are added to my live setup, and as the track progresses, i always update them. this way my live shows do not stay the same for months, and can support the audience with fresh material in realitvely short periods of time.

full track:

gear used: BCR2000, ipad running a custom TouchOSC surface: full WiFi MIDI controll (scratch effects, reverb controll, NW2D controlls, parameter controlls), Ableton Live 7 with several custom developed plug-ins (3 instances of NW2D, lots of Dynamix instances, NWRCFil2 instances and a MIDI driven step sequencer for sequencing drums, Reaktor with Moldover's Beatlookup), TriggerFinger (reverb/echo/volume controlls + drumpads), Launchpad (clip triggering / drum sequencing)

recorded live in my studio.


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