Proyecto Fin de Máster - Proyecto Fass Míriam - 2011
Sonido: Jesús González Uribe / Míriam Rodríguez
Iluminación: Fass Castro

Well, at last I´ve done it!! I´ve shared with you PFM, our Master´s Thesis on a Stop Motion short film.
It talks about accumulation syndrome in a conceptual way. With a shared sight between the sick and the observer.

We took pleasure on the way that our main character feels about beauty. And we gave expression to that way on differents animation´s techniques.

We are very pleased with the results, and thinking about new projects with the aim of don´t stop our minds and don´t waste our creativity...
By the way, we have been selected on IKAS-ART 2011 of Bilbao (at Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Barakaldo).

Responsibles: Fass Castro, Jesús González Uribe and I.

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