Cinema 4D typography plugin

Seven months ago WE revealed that we were working on a series of presets that facilitate the work of the motiondesigner with motext. His name was Numb3rs, but this initial development has led us to understand that what we were making needed to go far beyond simple presets. To create a powerful animation tool, we need to turn it into a solid plugin, a plug-in that itself contains hundreds of functions and possibilities.

Soon we will release the first leaks and the first video to show you how Evotype is a true revolution in the use of the text in Cinema 4D!

Evotype will make actions such as sliding type into view, blowing type apart, decoding letters, and masking in type possible in 3D, where before one was forced to use a 2D package to achieve the typography effects they desired, Evotype steps in to fill that gap.

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