1. I want the viewers to be informed about Community Chorus and also I wanted this video to act as a sort of recruitment tool.

2. For this project, my preproduction involved deciding what I was going to film. The College-Community Chorus seemed like a good organization because they are one of the few groups on campus that allow the Tiffin Community and the general students to interact. Also, they have a concert coming up and a new director this year. I had to contact Dr. Mayhew and schedule appropriate times to conduct my interview and go in and film the choir rehearsing. I also thought about questions I might ask to help shape the message of the project. Production involved setting up my camera and filming. That took about 2 hours total including the interviews. I tried to film using the rule of thirds and the golden ratio as much as possible. There were a couple shots that could have been better utilized on. Postproduction involved choosing the best shots to further the meaning behind the piece. I had to watch all the footage I had taped and fit it into the structure I decided upon for the project.

3. I used the shots that panned over the choir members to try to give the audience an idea of the variety of members there are in the chorus. I shot the interview with a piano in line with the lower third of the screen so that music would always be in the viewer's mind. I tried to give the focuses in the close up shots lead space so that it would look like they were moving forward rather than being stuck at a wall.

4. Sound was important in this piece. I wanted to use natural sounds from the rehearsal as much as possible, and the sound of the choir singing, but I didn't want to distract from the interviews or the narration. I made them quieter but included most of the singing in the background of the piece. I faded out the choirs mostly so that it was not distracting when the music did cut out. I wanted the focus to be the interviews and the narration, so I made those slightly louder.

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