Between 2008 and 2011, and for a total budget of less than $ 3,000, a group of friends has created a very special short story anthology. Directed by Anil Jacob Kunnel ("Pixelschatten") and told in five chapters, "ABSCHIEDE - Five Goodbyes" is a unique tale about personal loss, grief and hope, starting with a nine-year-old girl and ending with a man at the end of his life.

In MARIA (9), a young girl can no longer remember when she saw her parents together the last time. Anxious over the situation she dreams herself into a fairy tale world and becomes friends with a strange man. However, she cannot remain there long, as the menacing lady of the house returns.

In VINCENT (16) & JANA (18), two siblings are forced by their parents to provide a false alibi for their older brother, who allegedly committed a horrible crime. Before the family confronts the world, they have one night to come together in agreement.

In LISA (25) & LARS (25), two students celebrate the end of their relationship by deleting the wall paintings in their former apartment. They can't imagine being a couple anymore, but the pictures at the walls show them the dream world they once created for themselves.

In DAVID (41) & KARLA (37), a man hacks the Skype account of his wife, who disappeared after she left him a note. He is confronted with complete strangers who might know what life she is now living.

In JANA (22) & LUTHER (72), a group of friends discover an old man at their camp site. While the others don't want to deal with what could be just a homeless person, Jana, who is haunted by her own demons, is determined to help him.

All chapters were shot and produced by a group of close friends between 2007 and 2011. Read what /Film wrote about the project:

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