Pierrette d'Entremont, owner of KidCompanions talks about Chewelry and the growth of her company on Canadian News channel Radio Canada.

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Pierrette Interview with Radio Canada

Now; a designer from Nova Scotia has found a specific niche Pierrette d’Entremont (PDE) has invented a pendant that can be chewed and that is now sold all over the world. It has become a unique tool for children and even adults who have special needs. Nicole Laverne-Smith speaks about it.....

NLS: In West Pubnico, Pierrette d'Entremont is well known for her talents in jewelry design, but in her studio she shines with her absence and her display case is nearly empty.

PDE: I really don’t have the time to make fine jewelry.

NLS: It’s in this room in the back of the warehouse that she hides these days and she is very busy. she fills orders from clients from around the world who want to buy the pendant she has invented.

PDE: They are sensory tools that people use to calm themselves. Often children chew on them.

NLS: This tool helps specifically autistic, hyperactive or OCD children finding their calm. It’s her daughter with Tourette’s Syndrome who gave her the idea.

PDE: She has many sensory problems and I noticed that she took her baby sister’s chewy to mouth while watching television.

NLS: Pierrette realized that it was not only infants that need such a toy to mouth or to manipulate, children and adults do as well.

PDE: Often, it’s the mothers that say "I hope it’s going to save shirts as my child will go through 2 or 3 a week"

NLS: The success of the pendant surpassed Pierrette’s expectations, selling around 5000 last year and hopefully double the count this year. She is now developing a pendant with materials that are more durable for children that are more aggressive chewers. The client’s comments are encouraging....

PDE: Comments like "Thank you! my child has come from school today with a smile on his face for the first time in his life". It’s like "Wow!" ..it’s surprising. It’s something that i would never heard when making Pearl jewelry.

NLS: Nicole Laverne-Smith, Radio Canada, West Pubnico.

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