A documentary about a judge’s investigation and prosecution of human rights violations in Chile

In this superb documentary, Farnsworth and Lanfranco follow one man’s transformation as he investigates human rights violations in Chile from the Pinochet era. The man, Juan Guzmán, is a conservative judge who ultimately challenges General Augusto Pinochet’s immunity and prosecutes him. The filmmakers trace the judge's descent into what he calls "the abyss," where he uncovers the past — including his own role in the tragedy. The film reveals one of the 20th century’s most notorious episodes in this cautionary tale about violating human rights in the name of "higher ideals." Significant resources were dedicated to produce this beautifully edited film with revealing interviews and astounding archival footage.

Elizabeth Farnsworth, Patricio Lanfranco, producers, directors; Blair Gershkow, editor; Andrés Cediel, co-producer; Rob Weiss, coordinating producer; María José Calderón, assistant producer; Barbara Cohen, composer; Amanda Beck, Lily Koppenberger, production assistants; Richard Pearce, executive producer

View the trailer for "The Judge and the General": pbs.org/pov/judgeandthegeneral/

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