A young woman goes through a Japanese garden, then goes into a traditional home by shoes off slowly. She comes to visit a "master", a man aged about sixty years that welcomes with solemnity and respect. Scarcely had the ritual performed hello, he will tirelessly build ropes around his body consisting of figures of increasing complexity. The young woman is dressed first, then topless then completely naked.
On expert, the master is defeated and its links with developed extremely sophisticated, requiring him to take improbable poses.
The scene is a silent vibration with no word or sound may not be exchanged, the teacher looking after each composition his work. A few seconds of suspended time later, he frees ropes and leaving bodies left on the tatami. Before resuming a new composition ...
The film links with the world of fantasy, eroticism and voyeurism are well known. From desire to pleasure (the protagonists), the scopic drive to embarrassment (the audience), the film by Xavier Brillat, aim, putting us in an uncomfortable situation. Somewhere in Japan, a man and a woman, Haruki Yukimura, Nana-Chan, engage in bondage. But the slow movements, the gentle voice, the bias of linking the scenes with fades, the presence of thin sounds of nature, everything invites us to leave the obvious voyeuristic. In a situation which could not be than erotic, the film gradually leads to performance, ritualized ceremony: the female body, body attached bodies subject, body forced, place of registration of patient and knotting meticulous man, offers us a succession of poses, otherwise steps. For whom? For her, for him, for us?

The right distance adopted by Xavier Brillat to film scenes in the documentary gives a unique status, as if we were witnessing an erotic ritual secrecy.
A contemplative curiosity for the night.

The film was selected for presentation in a preview at Marseilles Documentary Festival 2007.

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