For the opening of their season as Associated Artists in deSingel theater in Antwerp, the trio MAMAZA proposes a specific project to the context - ASINGELINE, an enacted thought.
The project can be seen in the form of an exhibition in deSingel between the 16th September 2011 - 30th June 2012.

ASINGELINE ----------- associating deSingel with the city of Antwerp by drawing a line
ASINGELINE ----------- a continuity of city, street, theater
ASINGELINE ----------- following the line: from concept to experience
ASINGELINE ----------- a score for a choreography, a movement through the city of Antwerp
ASINGELINE ----------- a creation of a myth, a collection of stories, points of view
ASINGELINE ----------- mapping out transformations: from subject to sharing perspectives
ASINGELINE ----------- a documentation of effort, fulfillment of a plan, a direction, a trajectory
ASINGELINE ----------- as means for dialogue, as a trigger for creation
ASINGELINE ----------- composing connections, tracing curious relations, portraying perceptions
ASINGELINE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Conceived & performed by:
Ioannis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, May Zarhy

Ioannis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, May Zarhy, Vincent Wilms, Andy Giebens, Rob Fordeyn
Video editing: Vincent Wilms

Thanks to all the people of Antwerp that we met along the line, without whom ASINGELINE could have never been realized, the staff of deSingel and & the streets of Antwerp.

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