Crowded Pockets?

Do we really need all the unimportant junk we keep stuffed in our wallets? Why are we carrying around these paperweights when we only use a portion of the items inside? Everyday we habitually stuff these ever-growing hunks of leather into our pants. As if that isn't enough, our remaining pockets are usually overcrowded with our phones, keys, and whatever else we need for the day.

Introducing the Imperial Case for iPhone by Krona Cases. Designed for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, this case provides you with a long-lasting, high quality iPhone case and wallet all in one. It includes three credit card pockets where you can store any combination of money, credit cards, photo IDs, etc. Endless possibilities. After all, many people only require their license, a debit/credit card, and some spending money for their daily needs. The opposite side of the case provides a durable hard-plastic housing for the iPhone.

No more fishing through your pockets for your wallet or phone. Attached conveniently to your waist, simply detach the magnetic latch holding the case together and both are immediately at your fingertips. Unlike other iPhone wallet cases, the Imperial Case allows you quick access to your phone to answer any calls or text messages. The phone remains securely in the inner casing at all times so even if it slips out of your hands it won’t fall to the ground potentially cracking or shattering your iPhone.

The Imperial Case is made of genuine leather and unlike many of those fake pleather cases out there, it will last. Should anything happen to your case, just send it to us and we'll replace it for free, anytime! The case provides a durable plastic housing for the iPhone, and is equipped with a protective film to prevent scratches. All hardware functions remain usable while the iPhone is in the case. Design makes using your phone or wallet extremely accessible in almost any situation.

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