by Peter Hudson

6 months. 6 thousand man hours. A core team of 20, and an expanded team of over 80 volunteers working tirelessly to complete a 34 foot tall kinetic sculpture consisting of 20 animated skeletons. Built from steel, aluminum, and wood, and weighing in at over 7 tons.

This is Charon, a highly interactive 3D stroboscopic zoetrope. Created by Peter Hudson and his crew, and unveiled at the Burning Man festival in 2011. Charon is fully powered by people. The custom power train is powered by a minimum of 12 people working in unison to produce what can only be described as a mass hallucination.

The animation tells the story of Charon, the mythological ferryman of Hades who carried the souls of the recently departed across the River Styx, the last right of passage on the way to the afterlife. When witnessed in person, the effect is nothing short of breathtaking.

Shot/Edited by Jason Tongen
Music by Lee Coombs
Written by Shawn Cunningham
Narrated by Thierry Chauvin

This video is for promotional purposes and is designed to explain what the piece is. This is not a trailer for the documentary I'm creating about the subject.

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