Cinema in Silence.
This is Portrait Number One. The first in a series.

Deliberately produced without a soundtrack - no sound, no music, no audio track at all - and intentionally designed to be screened and viewed in absolute silence, Silent Portraits of a Deaf Boy is as the title suggests.

Our bodies have grown up with and become completely conditioned to sound and its vibrations. But ultimately, sound is a distraction. Sound limits meaning in imagery. Sound tells us how to feel. Without sound, our vision is empowered and our interpretations become infinitely personalised.

With this series of films, we want the audience to step into the shoes of a Deaf person and, furthermore, to question the influence of sound in how we receive and interpret media and how we view the world around us.

Portrait Number Two coming soon.

Written, Directed and Edited by Andrew Merlino
Produced by Brett Ludeman
Cinematography by James Ballard
First Assistant Director: Erin Davidson
Deaf Boy: Brett Ludeman
Hooded Mugger: Stefano Dinami

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