Location: Beijing, China

Artwork by Nini Sum @ Idlebeats.com

"At least Beijing's horrible pollution is good for something," a friend said, when commenting on the dreamy hues bouncing between Shouwang's face, his guitar and the surrounding apartment complexes. From Shouwang's 23rd floor rooftop, the toxic dust and the cold, distressed textures of the city become beautiful. In this way at least, this shoot was like walking amongst the ancient Greek sirens: an island meadow, "starred with flowers" with a suave gentleman perched in place of the myth's treacherous winged maidens, at home among the clouds. It's a wintery melody, performed in the dusk of Beijing's warmth, that not only awed us with a likeness to the moment and place, but beckoned us closer and closer to the island's edge, leaning out, desperate to bring a piece of this fable home.

In the end, an Australian native Cockatoo can be heard screeching through the chords. This lone bird, pacing along the upper most ledge was a beautiful twist of circumstance in our documentary and a the perfect segue into Shouwang's first Australian tour later this month, with the Carsick Cars.

We also captured, Shouwang communicating with the mysterious cockatoo and an amazing version of Shouwang's single "Invisible Love" in second, unreleased video. If you want to see it, send us an email (blog at dabaoge.net) or a Weibo (weibo.com/dabaogeshows) and we'll send you the private link.

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