Starring Fyvush Finkel and Suzy Kohane

Presented by The Melton Center for Jewish Studies at The Ohio State University.

Part of the Jewish History Media Project.
"The Other Men In Black: The Hasidic Movement, Past and Present" is the first production of the Jewish History Media Project, an enterprise of the Melton Center for Jewish Studies, with the support of The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) at The Ohio State University. The goal of the Project is to create a series of docu-drama films about Jewish history that will serve as ignition points for a curriculum of Jewish history studies. The films will highlight various aspects of Jewish history using a narrative style, and are designed to engage high school, university, and adult learners in history topics that are often perceived as dry or unrelated to contemporary life.

The focus of The Other Men in Black is the Hasidic movement in Judaism, which originated in eighteenth-century Ukraine and Poland. It seemed an ideal starting point because it has had an enormous impact on Judaism, it is still very much alive, and its musical and storytelling traditions are an excellent vehicle to showcase our multimedia format. Funding for "The Other Men in Black" has been generously provided by the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

Project Collaborators
Executive Producer, Writer - Matt Goldish
Creative Oversight - Todd Delman
Animation Production Oversight at ACCAD - Maria Palazzi
Director/Producer, Editor - Phil Garrett
Animation Direction - Phil Garrett and Maria Palazzi
Director of Photography - Alex Esber
Story Design, Storyboards, Digital Production, Character Design of Animated Sequences - Iuri Lioi (ACCAD)
Character Modeler and Rigger, Animation Compositer - Joshua Fry (ACCAD)
CG Modeler, Layout, and Surfacing Artist, and Lead Animator - Amber Cecil (ACCAD)
Character Rigger, CG Modeler, Layout Artist, and Lead Animator - Mary Twohig (ACCAD)
Effects Animator - Cheng Zhang (ACCAD)

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