Anthrax and Chuck D of Public Enemy closing out the Red Bull Snowscraper Snowboard event feat. Shaun White at East River Park in New York City on February 5 2009. Consider yourself lucky that this made it online as I almost frooze to death. It was brutally cold and the event was running at least an hour late. To top it all off the PA system was experiencing problems during Bring The Noise which is the reason why the sound is a tad bit weird on the video. After this song the show was stopped by whoever was in charge. Neither the band nor the audience seemed overly happy with this call. Mind you, some folks suffered close to 6 hours in hostile weather conditions to see Anthrax, only to be send home after 3 songs. This my dear friends is not cool.

Official Band Statement in regards to the cut short set:

"We want to apologize to our fans that came out to the Red Bull event last night in the hellish cold to see us play. It was an awesome event that we were honored to play but things just didn't go off quite like planned.
Originally, we were to go on just before 9 PM and play for 45-minutes. One of the snowboarding events ran very late which caused us to delay the start of our set. That and a curfew we were not informed about until 9:30 PM snowballed into an unfortunate situation that was beyond our control. As we were walking to the stage, we were instructed to cut our set to three songs, and no one was more surprised than us when they cut the PA before we could finish the third song. We are particularly mortified that this happened when our good friend, Chuck D, had just taken the stage for 'Bring The Noise'. We extend our apologies to him.
Nothing like this has ever happened to Anthrax before, and we regret that it happened last night. Thank you to those who came out to support and once again our sincere apologies."

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