This is a tale of two kings. Willie, a street hustler, a king pin, a man respected by many, and feared by more. During the 70s Willie "Wise" King ruled the streets of Newark with an iron fist. Growing up in the impoverished streets of Newark, Willie learned the hustle game early in life. Never knowing his father, he was forced to learn about manhood in the streets. With his cunning intellect and knowledge of the game, Willie built one of the most dangerous and profitable street gangs of his time, "The Templar Knights Crew". Willie uses his club, "Big Ballaz Lounge & Night Club" as a front for his various business ventures. With his top "knights", Jimmy L. Bullock, "Brutal" Leroy Reasons, and Nathaniel "Bread" Jackson, The Knights of Templar Crew becomes untouchable.

With his silky smooth voice, charisma, and God-given gift for music, Julius "Caesar" King becomes the King of R&B/Soul. Growing up the son of a reverend, Julius was sheltered from the rougher side of life. Living under the strict rule of his father, Julius found himself yearning for the excitement of the "secular world". During his senior year in high school, Julius secretly started his own group with his friends, Shorty, Red, Peanut, and Lil' Fred, called "The Five Kings". After high school they were signed by Skyline Records, one of the premiere record labels of the time. With his pure star potential, Julius soon outgrew the group. And under the direction of record label exec David Goldstein, and manager Jacques Leblanc, his chart-climbing solo career was launched.

On the night of September 13,1973, Willie King is set to have his biggest event yet at Big Ballaz Lounge & Night Club. Wanting his event to be perfect, Willie gets The Five Kings, the hottest up-and-coming group in the game, to perform at the "Big Ballaz Extravaganza." Willie instantly takes a liking to Julius, and decides to take him under his wing. Little do the two know that they are half-brothers. Now their lives are forever intertwined as they embark on their respective journeys, one to become the King of Music and the other the King of the Streets.
This Tale of Two Kings will take you on a journey filled with drugs, gangsters, pimps, players, and hustlers. And take you to a time when Julius King ruled the airways and Willie King ruled the streets. But both Kings had to learn, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown."

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