MUSIC FRAMES - a physical play list
by Stina Wessman and Astrid Sliwka

8th Semester,
One week Tikitag Workshop with Timo Arnell, spring-09,


Tikitag is an RFID device; a device that offers different applications when it is activated. You can choose between for example audio, video, browsing and skype calls. We decided to work with the application that plays music when the reader and the tag touch each other.

As we all know, people have so many memories in music as well is in their photographs. We thought it could be interesting to combine these in a physical form and offer a way to extend and make the photograph experience richer.

You add music to the tikitags that are placed on the backside of your frames. When you want to play a frame related to for example your grandmother you put a frame in the hands, where the reader is and the music you have added will start to play.

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