Information: "Sexi ist tot" (Sexi is dead), but who actually is Sexi? Sexi is the raving beauty of the H&M generation, slim, tall and beautiful to die for. Sexi wants to be loved, she craves for recognition and for that she plays with life and death.

Leichtmatrose is Andreas Stitz. He’s often been confronted in life with all sorts of human precipice, either as a drugs counsellor and street worker or as probation officer. His attention focuses primarily on people in grey areas. On people whose life not always fits perfectly. With the self-confident pose of a bohemian he quotes the extravagance of the new romantic movement of the early eighties. He skilfully combines elements from NDW (German new wave), electro and poetic pop, but still keeps the distance as an observer. Leichtmatrose is an artificial figure that tells stories about Andreas Stitz from the view of a congenial looser. "Leichtmatrose is my catalyst. He absorbs everything I experience whether from a far distance or very close, and he depicts it in his very own way."

No lesser than Joachim Witt discovered Leichtmatrose after only a 2-week presence on "myspace" and since then he is his mentor, co-producer, manager and companion. "We have a very similarly feeling for melodies, words and atmospheres, although we partly play different music".

Claus Kruse of Plastic Noise Experience produced the remix of “Sexi ist tot”. The topmost aim was to compose what is liked, also for "Sexi ist tot". Industrial tinted electro, provides the unexpected, surprises and fits the song with rough edges.

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