CHINA 1931- Renowned archaeologist MICHAEL TOUSSAINT, disappears in mysterious circumstances while leading an excavation in the Kun-Lun mountains, in search of the mythical “JADE DRAGON”, which is the key to the entrance of the lost city of “AGHARTA”, home of the Immortals. His daughter TALMA, a well known stunt pilot and photographer, will assume leadership of finding his trail. TALMA and her friends, BOB and KARISMA, arrive at Kun-Lun after a troubled journey. They will be led to the “Monastery Wich Lies Beneath the Earth”, wherein amazing and fantastic enigmas are waiting to be discovered.

Original Title : Talma and the myth of Agharta
Genre: TV movie/ Animation
Year: 2008
Authors: Darío Duràn and José Luís Losilla
Screenplay: Darío Duràn and José Luís Losilla
Director: Darío Duràn
Animation supervisor: Santi Roig
Original Score: Javier Armenter

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