This piece was created during my Picture Story class, during the months of September and October of 2011.

This piece is about a man named Alec Spector and his true, and unconditional love for animals.

I had posted an ad on Craigslist in an attempt to find people who were willing to help me social my dog, which I had brought home from the Camarrillo Shelter in May of 2011. I received a surprising handful of responses within the days following my initial post. Most were people who were struggling with the same issues, and wanted to know if I had found saving grace, and would share my insight with them. There was one email that offered helped. It was a woman who had suggested I contact Alec Spector. Her email was very short, and only suggested that Alec had a true passion for helping, and to check out his website.

I had noticed on Alec's website that he had a ton of useful information that skipped the dancing around of issues. Alec personally manages his site, and only puts selected information on it. I found this to be very promising. Alec also noted on his website that he offers socialization and training at no charge for recuse dogs from the shelter.


Long story short, I went to Camarrillo to meet with Alec at his favorite dog park, Camarrillo Grove Park. My dog was a special case. and Alec had decided it may not work out well as a match.

At this time, I had just been assigned a piece in class, to shoot a story on someone who makes a difference in the community. I cant help but feel that meeting Alec came at the most opportune moment.

And so, I followed Alec around many days at the dog park, getting to really know him, and really see the love his has in his heart for these four legged friends. Alec works with numerous organizations to help save shelter dogs, and rescue dogs alike from a terrible demise. Alec has also helped to make the dog parks of Camarrillo better environments for dogs and dog owners.

To write up all of the contributions in which Alec has played a part in, would be quite endless. I am sure that during my time spent with Alec, I have not even learned all of his successes in helping the canine community.

That being said, I have witnessed first had the miracles in which Alec is personally responsible for...

Towards the end of my session, I wrapped up my story on Alec, due to time restraints really, not because the story was over. When Alec had decided that my dog a little more than a typical case, he had still provided support and guidance in finding help. So one of the last days of shooting with Alec, we put in a call to Rob Lerner, who once worked along side Cesar Millan, but had since branched off to start his own business. Rob and Alec had decided they would both meet with me that very day to access my situation further and help me to find a solution.

Since that day, my life has been forever different. Alec's persistent desire to help me solely because he wants to, and not because of payment, has changed my dog's and my life, in the most profound and unexplainable way. Rob has showed us a new technique, in which Alec and I both were not familiar with.

Thus far, this has been my saving grace.

Rob plans to meet with us at certain points in our progress to help determine the next step.

Doing this story on Alec has not only helped me with my dog issues, but has changed my prospective on documentary and picture story work. Words cannot describe how my vision of assignment stories has transformed.

Yes, Alec loves his dogs with complete and utter unconditional love. But its not only that. He loves what he does. He loves to help. He loves to see the change. He loves to be within his pack. Alec is not just training dogs. He is saving lives. I can attest to him saving my own dog's life.

Alec is a one of a kind, true, and pure heart. Through and through.

To you Alec, I am forever grateful for passion and persistence, and further more, your understanding of creatures outside of yourself.

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