Written, Directed, Edited and Performed by Wilkie Branson
Sound and Additional Camera Rob Saunders
Camera Joel Daniel, David Hotton, Keir Philip

"The Last Day"

Keyboard - Pete Bernard
Saxophone - Kevin Figes
Bass - Ben "Crackazat" Jacobs
Drums & Percussion - Type Sun
Additional Percussion - Joe Meehan
Spoken Word - Awkward

Written & Produced by Type Sun
Poem by Wilkie Branson
Additional production by Crackazat
Mixed By Type & Lee Cole

2008 Champloo

Poem Transcript:

The last day

Someday the wind will stop singing
It’s marching song sung to silence ringing
Blue Skies bled grey as clouds will swarm
Bled tears shed as the last day is finally drawn

With the last petal’s fall
Would you still be stood here
Standing beside me, still standing tall
Because standing cant hold me and together we’ll fall.

One day the sun will stop shining
It’s warm leading light to darkness blinding
Familiar faces fade as darkness will descend
As the last trickle of light leaves taking my last friend

When the last light has gone
Would you still hold me your hand
Stretched out to save me, held fast and strong
Stretched out too far to hold and to and undo my wrong.

On this night there will be no dawn
It’s darkness sits for the friendships I’d torn
Tomorrow’s light will leave me and then I’ll stand alone
Perhaps blind and too far gone finally I’ll be shown

When the last tear is born
Could I look into your eye’s
Knowing you could see me, lain low in shame
Knowing you knew what I’d become with only me to blame.

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