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Trailer for the incoming Silent Hill: Anniversary short fan film(non-profit). Based on the Silent Hill 2 video game.
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Lon Lon Studios Presents
A Jay Ness Film "Silent Hill: Anniversary"
A Non-Profit Fan Film
Based on the franchise "Silent Hill" by Konami
Chris Beck Liz Akhavan
Samantha Larson Katie Skradski and Ryan Ness
Original Music Composed by Akira Yamaoka for Konami
Costume Designs by Damian Denton and Plan B Creations

Special Effects/Make up by Kaley Moradian

"Silent Hill Theme" recorded and performed by Brandon Daly(original by Akira Yamaoka)

Graphic Design by Madelyn Koehnen

Visual Effects by Paul "ApaczoS" Galazka

Edited by Jay Ness

Produced by Liz Akhavan and Jay Ness

Executive Producer: Ryan Shneider

Directed by Jay Ness

Trailer done by me and Jay Ness.

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