A single camera sitcom narrated by the Sound Operator, or "Boom Boy," about a Field Producer's struggle to make sense of a ridiculous new Reality T.V. series that has no actual rules or premise.

Jason Hoff is a struggling musician who, out of desperation, took a position as the Sound Operator, otherwise known as the "Boom Boy" on the set of a new Reality T.V. series. The show is called "Sextation Elimination," a ridiculous hodgepodge of every successful Reality Game Show ever aired. Due to a draught of paying jobs with artistic merit, Dave Rosen, an aspiring TV Writer/Director, is left with no choice but to take a position as the show’s Field Producer. The offer came by way of Ruby, who for some reason thinks Dave is her boyfriend. Ruby is the crackpot daughter of the show's even more crackpot Creator and Executive Producer, Stephen.

As the fresh new ‘ears’ of the operation, Jason narrates us through Dave's tumultuous experience of putting a show together without being given any actual rules or premise by Stephen. In addition to constantly trying to clean the messes Ruby leaves on and off the set, Dave struggles with an insubordinate Head of Construction; a show host with Hyper-OCD; an irate Israeli Hairdresser; a condescending Editor; and has to defend his job from his Cameraman, who happens to be his college nemesis. With his job on the line, Dave resorts to manipulating the reluctant show contestants, turning them into “real” reality contestants.

Jason tries to keep his mic above water, while trying to win the affections of Erin, the show's gorgeous, tightly-wound Line Producer. Alongside Dave, Jason tries to navigate his way, glean a little artistic integrity, hoping to make some sense of this new era... "Reality Boom."

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