El Cerro del Tesoro
2008 - 2011
Video - sound installation
NTSC, 4:3, b/w, stereo sound
30 minutes 24 seconds loop


In 2008 Israel Martinez went to capture sounds at Cerro del Tesoro (a hill into the city of Zapopan, in Mexico’s state of Jalisco), where he experienced important moments of his childhood and adolescence, but there was little of it, had been destroyed for the construction of a Sanctuary of the Catholic Church. Martinez began to explore the place trying to get to an area full of machinery, telling countless stories on the site. Shortly thereafter, sound artist Yair López published a note about this work in a weekly culture publication in Guadalajara, speaking of it as a soundscape intervened with the narrative; when analyzing how to bring this work to other countries, Martinez thought of translation through subtitles, projecting it in video format, which led to this thirty minutes documentary without picture.
So far it has been shown both in a movie format, and in museum galleries as a loop throughout the day.

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