Kevin + Jeannice.

My beautiful sister Jeannice got married.

Mostly run n gun style.
Rather than doing a usual pretty highlights wedding video,
I wanted this to seam real, homevideo-like and more personally documented with real audio soundbytes as well.

Shots are handheld and some shots with a generic shoulder and flycam stabilizer. It was tough and not all went to plan due to me needing to also be a groomsmen. Some shots i wasnt able to capture due to wedding bridal party commitments. I had a lav mic taped to the overhang above them.

Kevin + Jeannice.
Saved the first kiss till the wedding.

The cornbread is what they ate on their first date, i had to make that a part of this clip.

I was a groomsmen in the wedding and captured video of the wedding at the same time.

All shots by curtis.
Wedding Venue: Hidden Oaks Retreat - Rancho Cucamonga California.

More photos and info about their story:

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