I'm Michelle olivera, and this is your North Bay Week in Review.

The California Fish and Game Commission is closing Sonoma Coast Abalone season two months early due to an unprecedented abalone die-off. Abalone began washing ashore in late August. The Commission voted Thursday to immediately close abalone fishery on the Sonoma Coast, it remains open until the end of the regular season, however in Marin and north of Sonoma County. The closure and enforcement will formally take effect on or after Monday, Sept 19th.

Safe Meds
The Sonoma County Water Agency is providing several locations for safe disposal of unwanted medicine next week, to help prevent toxins from entering our water supply. Learn where you can safely dispose of your unwanted medicine at northbayvoice.org.

Michelle Bachman in San Rafael (Marin IJ)
Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann held a breakfast fundraiser in San Rafael Thursday morning. According to reports in the Marin Independent Journal, about 120 people paid $100 each to attend the fundraiser at a Tea Party activists Marin home.

Heirloom Expo
Initial reports estimate that more than 10,000 people attended the first ever National Heirloom Exposition this week at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, which showcased heirloom produce, rare poultry and presentations from pure food experts. See more photos from the event at northbayvoice.org.

Bassler on the Run
Aaron Bassler, accused of murdering 2 Mendocino leaders, is still on the run and presumed to be near Fort Bragg. Find more coverage, including possible missed opportunities at intervening in Bassler's mental health at The Anderson Valley Advertiser's website TheAVA dot com.

Creek Week - (upcoming)
The Second Annual Creek Week kicks off Saturday in Santa Rosa. The week-long event features creek clean ups; an evening tour of the underground culvert that runs below Downtown Santa Rosa; Learning opportunities about the fish, insects and turtles that inhabit local creeks; and a 12-mile bike ride along Santa Rosa Creek. ALL CREEK WEEK EVENTS ARE FREE. Learn more at srcity.org/creekweek

That's your North Bay Week in Review. I'm Michelle Olivera, Tune in next week for more.

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