"Touched" presents a new take on the love-filled relationship between Arabs and Jews as a Jewish woman asks a Muslim doctor to help her in her uniquely morbid quest to discover the spiritual world. It's pretty fucked up.

Running time: 12 minutes. Shot in San Diego on the Canon 5D Mark II, in 30 fps. One shoot day.

Written, directed and edited by David Jakubovic. DP was John Schmidt. Starring Ammar Daraiseh and Allyson Sereboff.

The project was unusual for me in that I wrote it in a day and shot it three days later. I am a stickler for planning, rehearsing, carefully preparing shot lists. None of that happened here. I did not have the luxury of working in my comfort zone, and because of the speed of production I left the shoot having no idea if it was any good. It was a very strange feeling, and strangely liberating. No strings were attached between my brain and the ultimate quality of what this film might be. But when I sat down to edit, I discovered that the footage did indeed have an interesting mood, and that a fun little short can be prepared from it.

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