I made this film at Waterville, Nova Scotia, ZephyrHills and Deland, Florida between 1975 and 1979.

It took approx 80 camera jumps over 3 years, many from 13,500 ft at Zhills.
The camera was a 16 mm Bell and Howell (consumer model 240 ) with a Switar 10mm C mount lens, mounted on the side of my motorcycle helmet.
Rig weighed 10 pounds, it ran on spring wind for 52 secs.
Original hammer dulcimer music written and recorded by Scott Schillereff of Newfoundland.
12 string acoustic guitar on Cocaine Blues played by skydiver CRUSTY aka Phil Maclean.

Dedicated to TOM HUMES 1942 - 22/10/2011.
Tom was a true skydiving pioneer who taught many of us to jump. Blue skies old buddy.

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