There are more American and Japanese composers because they have better music education.

With music being next to non-existent in English schools there are less chances of people developing an interest.

America and Japan seem to be more open to modern ideas, where as Classical music in England is rife with snobbery. This fascism stops young composers from being discovered and celebrated.

Full list of composers (including ones not in the video):

Jason Page
Nathan McCree
Peter Connelly
Martin Iveson
Barry Leitch
Ben Daglish
David Whittaker
Geoff Follin
Graeme Norgate
Grant Kirkhope
Jonathan Dunn
Matt Furniss
Nicolas Varley
Peter Gabriel
Richard Jacques
Richard Joseph
Rob Hubbard
Robyn Miller
Shaun Southern
Tim Tollin
Tim Haywood
Tim Wright
Mark Knight
Cold Storage
Appolo 440
Allister Brimble
David Wise
Bob and Barn
Nitin Sawhney
Stuart Chatwood
Russell Shaw
Harry Gregson Williams
Graeme Norgate
Rupert Gregson Williams
Eveline Novakovic
Mike Beckett
Stephen Root
Mutato Muzik
Gerald V. Casale
Bob Mothersbaugh
Bob Casale
Josh Freese
Michael Hunter
Neil Baldwin

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