Hope – Part II of A Mexican Trilogy –1960′s.
A new young president, a national crisis and the loss of innocence of a family and a nation.
A Mexican Trilogy traces the Diaspora of Mexicans in the U.S. by following a family during the time of three transformational figures:FDR, JFK and Pope John Paul II.

October 28 – November 13
Written by Evelina Fernandez. Directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela
Produced by The Latino Theater Company

Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8pm, Sunday Matinee at 3pm

With: Sal Lopez, Dyana Ortelli, Geoffrey Rivas, Esperanza Ibarra,
Olivia Delgado, Keith McDonald, Dru Davis, Sam Golzari


1960s - Americans live in dread of a nuclear confrontation with the
U.S.S.R.. Women’s roles are evolving. Machismo may be the order of the
day in some places, but not for long, and Rock n’ Roll has replaced
swing and pop as the musical paradigm of a nation, leaving an
indelible imprint on the way Americans think and act. The Garcia
family is no exception.

Elena Garcia has endured the philandering and the violence of her
husband Carlos for a long time but she cannot continue to do this and
face her children. Her brother-in-law wants to comfort her and treat
her like a queen. Her older daughter Gina is angry, rebellious and
sexual. Younger daughter Betty is obsessed with President Kennedy, and
speaks to him on the phone, regularly.

TICKETS Call: 866.811.4111
Graphic Design, video by Marlon Fuentes
Photos by Hector Sandoval

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