I had no concrete visualized outcome when I began putting this video together, but I feel that when creating something, anything, interpretation always comes after the formation.

I shot these clips last fall and put them together, but the result was slightly different. The edit I did last year had a totally different meaning and was perceivably more tranquil. A lot has happened in my life since then, some things good, some bad. Sadly, the cat in the video was killed last winter. And my dad was hospitalized for a number of illnesses. He is also in a few of the clips.

Hardships are inevitable, but with time, we prosper. Everything has a beginning and an end. This is my interpretation, anyway.

This video is simple. I'm not trying to pass it as something spectacular. My camera work is obviously shoddy and only experimental, but it gives me ease to create.

The song used in this video is "Dead Hearts" by Dead Man's Bones.

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