A short documentary co-directed with Pablo Pastor, and in collaboration with seven filmmakers from seven countries.

Humanity is locked to land that covers a mere 29 percent of the Earth's surface. Looking out at the sea – an uninhabitable environment about which we know so little – we experience a great range of emotions; from fear, melancholy and loss, to a sense of opportunity, joy, and hope. In art and literature, the sea has always been an enduring metaphor, as we see elements of ourselves reflected in its changing waters. Never Seen The Sea documents the personal experiences of people who have never seen the sea. As they confront the unknown, and the unknowable, their life stories come the fore.

Edited and Directed by: Bryce Licht and Pablo Pastor
Filmmakers: Laia Abril, Raphael Fournier, Boris Heger, Rouzbeh Raiga, Maia Ruth Lee, Alka Sadat, Toni Verd
Produced by: Fabrica and Colors Films
Music by: Jhon William Castano

This project was completed at Fabrica.

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