How to re-insert unemployed migrants back into society by not just giving them a job?

Everyone have the right to look for a better life. Lots of people come to São Paulo (Brazil) believing only on their own luck where they find no job and no understanding. Unemployed migrants don't belong to the society and feel like a fish out of water. These fishes should have the opportunity of being inserted on the society in a productive way. This project "fishes" these people in Sao Paulo central area and directs them to a fun space where they get in touch with important life values and get a support to get out of this tricky situation. The project will lead them to create workers cooperatives, brand new organizations formed by people in the same situation, giving them a chance to be a part of a sustainable fish shoal.

All the project was built during at SP Sustainability Jam 2011. Link:

Made by:
André Borges – Project Manager/Scrum Master
Andrea Okada - Graphic Designer
Andreia Lozano - Technical Consultant
Fabricio Brandão - Account Director
Francisco Abrunhosa - Logistic Technician and Student
Natalia Sabio - Graphic Designer
Paula Marchiori - Brand Strategist
Samille Sousa - Design Thinking Coach

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