The XI International Congress of the Brazilian Association for Canadian Studies, in Salvador-Bahia at the Federal University of Bahia

Canadian Ambassador to Brazil, Jamal Khokhar, speaks at the CIC Brazil

Does Brazil Care about Canada?
October 13, 2011
Last month’s Brazil Forum, co-hosted by the CIC and the Center for Hemispheric Policy at the University of Miami, presented discussions of Brazil’s economy and foreign policy by economic and finance experts, political analysts, policy makers and diplomats. Specific topics included Canada-Brazil relations, Brazil’s role as a global player, Brazil’s political scenarios and Brazil’s economic and trade outlook in the international context. Ambassador Luiz Felipe Lampreia, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, and Canadian Ambassador to Brazil, Jamal Khokhar, delivered speeches. Both are featured below, along with selected interviews with Forum speakers and panelists, whom we asked, “What are Brazil’s geopolitical priorities?” and “How does Canada fit into Brazil’s vision?”

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Camera credit Bill Brydon

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