Straight out the archives a Prototype dub plate classic "Loungin" being rinsed out on Kiss fm by Kenny ken and by Grooverider on Radio one and at the Roast Xmas special at Astoria .
Written by The Survivors -Kyan Obrien & Rtype

Available on

X Mas Roast @ the ASTORIA

This was the second record I ever made and the first one I wrote with R-type . We turned up at Ills studio in Olympia, with a bag of records we wanted to sample and a rough idea of what we wanted it to sound like , over the course of two afternoon sessions , we made something which we felt was new and different .
We next went to Music house in Holloway and cut a dub plate and took it to AWOL at the Paradise club , we gave it to Dj Randall just before he started playing and waited . We watched him cue up the last record of his set and turned and gave us the thumbs up and he let it go , the whole club went nuts and we stood awestruck watching everyone dance to our record . We next gave a Dat to Dj Bailey who cut a dub plate and put it on a mixtape which Grooverider heard an , He called up Rtype and said he wanted the track for his label Prototype , he was calling it a Hardstep track , which at the time was a style of Drum n Bass that was just starting , to us this was a dream come true and it really encouraged us to make more music.
Lounging was played on the radio and at some of the most legendary clubs of the time, such as Metalheadz,Roast,AWOL and at the Bristol carnival it was rewound five times in a row due to the crowds instance .

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