I was recently asked the question: "How did you get to where you are today after living in your car for several months."

The simple answer is by following God's will. (Higher Power's will, Sources' will, Universe's will, the Force's will. Call this Higher Power what you will. I use the word God because the term feels right to me. However, my definition of that word may be vastly different from yours.

I guess that I failed to tell you that in the years prior to living in my car that I had come from owning nothing to owning the largest residential real estate firm in my County. What I was worth then would equal hundreds of millions of dollars today. I had learned how to get material things. I owned many cars, homes, airplanes, motor homes, motorcycles, boats, and much real estate. An economy much like todays and some poor decision making took it all in an instant. My name was on my real estate corporation. It was in this, and in all the stuff I owned, that I found my identity. When my little empire crashed, I crashed. I believed this to be the worst thing that could possibly happen to me. I had to rebuild myself from the ground up. The months in my car started me on my way to a PHD in God’s will.

First, many of the things that have happened to me that seemed terrible at the time, turned out to be the best things. From that, I deduce that on some level I really don’t know what is good for my spirit. On a subconscious level, I now know that I did not want God’s will because I thought that it might not line up with my desire for all the things I wanted. Consequently, my visualizations limited me, as they weren’t necessarily what were best for me. Now, when I see in retrospect, those things, and situations that I believe to be God’s will for me, I see that they are best for me. Additionally, my will has provided me with many ‘bloody noses.’ I don’t want any more.

When I ask myself, which would I rather follow, my spirit or, my ego, the choice is very clear. I choose to follow my spirit. It is in this that I find peace of mind. I never found peace of mind in any new car, boat, airplane, or material item. What I did find was that the smell of new leather was gone within a couple of months. I did not know that peace of mind was the true prize. Without knowing it peace of mind is what I thought all of the stuff I was striving to get would bring me. With this in mind, I needed to develop a new viewpoint and a new way of conducting my life. Getting things and all that falls within that category doesn’t mean much so, learning how to get them doesn’t mean much either. What I needed to learn was how to recognize and follow God’s will. That poses a much larger difficulty than figuring out how to get ‘stuff.’
I spent quite a while thinking that God’s will would come to me looking much like a completed vision board. That has never happened. What I find is that God’s will is always right in front of my nose. It presents itself as the next best thing for me to do. My ego sees this as far too simple and wants the complete treasure map. However, what I have to do is surrender and be willing to be totally led by the next good thing that presents its self. I must be willing to see it, and to do it to the best of my ability. I now understand that God is not the ecclesiastic bellhop that my prayer for stuff was inadvertently trying to make God out to be. If you have ever completed a draw by the numbers picture, you will understand this. At first, all I see is a bunch of unconnected numbers that don’t really make sense. Then, as I draw the connecting lines from one to two and to three etc., I soon see the picture that is emerging and I have that ‘aha’ moment.

Seeing God’s will requires that I listen carefully to what I hear, pay close attention to what I see, and most importantly, to what I feel and to what I intuit. I can do none of these well when I am in fear or its nasty little offspring anger, when my thinking takes me into the future or the past. I must work at being fully present to every moment. I must be internally quiet. To exercise the fullness of what my intuition has for me, I must put what my head and my heart tells me in second and third place to what my ‘gut’ tells me. When I use the term ‘gut,’ I’m speaking of that small area in my solar plexus that informs me of what is right and what is wrong through feelings rather than with words or thoughts. I have to pass thinking and my actions through this guidance test. It is my primary spiritual compass. In addition, my intuition will speak to me as an afterthought. Here is an example of what I mean by afterthought. It is a sunny day and there is absolutely no rain in sight. From somewhere comes the idea that I should take my umbrella. I opt to believe my logical brain and leave without my umbrella. When I return home, I have been soaked by a rain that didn’t seem possible.
When I pray for what I think I want and need, I tag the prayer with these words; “if it is your will, and that I might better serve others”. Even with this, I have to be aware of my motives. I always have at least two motives for everything I do. One is my altruistic motive. It is the motive I want to believe about me and, more importantly, I want you to believe about me. The second is my self-centered self-serving motive. I must know which of these I want to be the deciding factor.

I must also know that what I need to pray more for power than for specifics. Let me explain. If I am sitting in my closet and I am starving, praying for God to feed me probably won’t work. It is doubtful that a hot dog or a steak dinner is going to suddenly pop through the keyhole. What I must pray for is the power to feed myself.

Following these ideas is exactly how I got from my car to where I am today, the details of which could easily fill a book.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this short video. I hope you find my experience helpful. Do come back and in the meantime, don't forget to accentuate the positive and have a fantastic day.

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