A 57-minute documentary on the role of religion at Occupy Boston and beyond (with a Christianity cameo from Occupy Wall Street). Participants from Judaism, Unitarian Universalism, Hare Krishna, Buddhism and Christianity share their convictions on the connection between religion, social justice, and the Occupy Movement.

Filmed and edited on Fall 2011 by Jenn Lindsay for AN770 at Boston University.

This is a work in progress.


I encountered some interesting decisions when I was cutting it and switching hats between filmmaker, anthropologist, supporter of the Occupy movement, and progressive religious person. I experienced the conflict between my vested interest in how the Occupy Movement is conveyed, but I also wish to truthfully represent what I encountered. Not everybody filmed said things that I agree with or support about the movement, but this presentation is not just my own mouthpiece. It is longer than I wanted it to be because I chose to present lots of different opinions, and for the purposes of this as an anthro project, kept the uncut interview footage present as a data set (rather than a streamlined and clear artistic piece). Strangely enough I couldn't find any Christians at Occupy Boston--all but one of the Protest Chaplains there ARE Christians, but they weren't on shift the two days I went down for footage. Thus going forward I would like to incorporate a specifically Bostonian Christian voice at some point (I filmed an NYC Occupy Chaplain through Skype, who was so passionate and eloquent and represented his faith beautifully BUT is not from the Boston Occupy site).

Also, I realized when I was cutting the footage that the very act of editing and prioritizing pace, clarity and message communicates my opinion about the whole affair, and it seems disingenuous to pretend that this is an "objective" presentation. So I decided to go all the way and add my voice/image in there as a Jew-Bu with an MDiv from a liberal Christian seminary who supports the Occupy movement. I seem to qualify as the type of person I would want to interview about the connection between religion and the Occupy Movement, so I became one of my own interview subjects.

Right now I'm pleased with this rough cut, but I look forward to collecting a few more site images and, chiefly, a site-specific Christian voice.

I hope you get something out of watching it!
Jenn Lindsay


Boston University Ph.D. Student
Department of Religious and Theological Studies
Concentration: Religion and Society
Music: JennLindsay.com

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