This Nō play is taken from The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu. It's about Genji's wife Aoi no Ue who is prostrate due to an attack by one of his snubbed mistresses's spirit.
The priest intervened and the monster (can't remember what it was called) that materialized from the mistress's spirit, was able to achieve nirvana and the wife - Aoi no Ue, still died. :(

I am happy to be able to see this play in Romania for 7 USD a ticket. 'Cause if I had paid 100s of dollars in Japan to see it, I would have cried in the theatre. Noh is NOT for me.
I greatly admire Bunraku and I enjoy Kabuki, but if you want to torture me, make me watch a Nō play!

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